Beer #392 - Small Gods / What Can The Harvest Hope For?

Beer #342 - W/C 16 August 2022

BREWERY // Small Gods is different kind of brewery. Matt Eats & Luke White spend a lot of time reading and discussing concepts, history, stories and flavour experiences. Inspiration comes from everywhere - be it a history book, a dessert, a scented candle, a myth or a drag performance. They share everything they know and are passionate about collaboration, working with (and learning from) not just brewers but creative people in any field. Producing very small batches that sell out fast, they're starting to become rather prolific with their releases.

BEER // From the first sprouting of a seed in the pre-dawn light to the verdant bounty of garden laden with hop cones lit by the ruddy glow of the setting sun, the harvest strives. Barley stalks stretch and sway in the gentle breeze of a late spring afternoon and creeping tendrils of ambitious hop bines cling tight to strings as they reach greedily towards the light as the harvest hungers. Smaller than the eye can see, industrious yeast cells grow and replicate as they hunt out new sources of food and the harvest hopes. But what can the harvest hope for?

To create this NZ Pilsner, Small Gods went right to the source, collaborating with three incredible local ingredients producers to showcase the bounty of the NZ harvest. Gladfield Pilsner Malt grown in the barley fields of Canterbury takes plump spring barley, lightly kilned for a clean, crisp body and pale straw colour. From Nelson’s Freestlye Hops come our new season Motueka Hops. Hand selected by the team from early in the harvest when this New Zealand hop showcases a bright and verdant lime character. Out of their Lab in Wellington Froth Yeast cultivated a large pitch of their Krisp lager yeast to ferment the beer to a crisp and bright finish after long and patient lagering. The result is a crisp, refreshing, vibrant NZ Pilsner bursting with citrus aromas with a rounded malt character and a dry finish. It’s everything the harvest hopes for.

CREATORS // Small Gods X Gladfield X Freestyle X Froth
BEER // What Can The Harvest Hope For?
STYLE // NZ Pilsner
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 5%
FOOD MATCH // Chicken Quesadillas, Guacamole and Corn Chips, Lime Cheesecake
VESSEL // Pilsner Glass