Beer #391 - Kereru / Dunkel Rainbow

Beer #341 - W/C 8 August 2022

BREWERY // Back in 2011 we were in the aftermath of the last Global Financial Crisis which meant Chris Mills and his wife, Natasha Dahlberg, weren't getting much work for their movie visual effects business. Fortunately for us, Chris was able to crank up his home-brewing hobby and start supplying a local Lower Hutt market with beer he brewed in a tiny 50L kit in their rumpus room. He figured that, while the demand for pixel polishers may fluctuate, the thirst for beer would ride out any recession. Demand for Kererū beer quickly grew and they custom-built a brewery in a former linoleum factory where you can now visit for a tour and try beer fresh from the tank at the cellar door in Upper Hutt's BrewTown. 

BEER // Dunkel is the German word meaning dark and in German brewing this is used to denote a classic dark lager. Dunkels can vary in colour from amber to dark brown and feature smooth malt character and a rounded finish. Dunkel is a traditional style originating in Munich and is popular staple throughout Bavaria. Dunkels are usually brewed with Munich Malt and wheat may also used to enhance the mouthfeel and malt character. Sometimes referred to as liquid bread, Dunkels are often brewed with a decoction mash to encourage maillard reactions and provide a deep, rich toffee and caramel note. This example from Kererū provides malt character in spades with layered toasty, nutty, toffee and bread crust flavours coming through. This malt character is backed up by a delicate floral hop note and the beer finishes clean and smooth thanks to a proper lager fermentation.

BREWERIES // Kererū 
BEER // Dunkel Rainbow
STYLE // Dunkel
ORIGIN // Brewtown, Upper Hutt
ABV // 5.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - around 10c
FOOD MATCH // Schwarzbrot, Pork Hock, Knödel, Apfelstrudel 

VESSEL // Stein, Pilsner Glass