Hello there!

Beer Jerk was started by a couple of mates back in March 2015 as a side project and a way to share the great beers we discovered with people across New Zealand. Our core subscription product is a little bit like a book club. But with no books.

After a while, people asked if they could buy more than one beer per week from Beer Jerk and we've steadily grown since. We only stock beer from independent breweries as we love knowing the people behind the beers.

We're often surprised when people tell us they think we're a big organisation - Beer Jerk has just 3 full time staff - me (Luke, Director), Matt (Online) & Joe (Fulfilment). We also now have a bar & shop in our Auckland called The Fridge & Flagon.



We love running too

Come join the Beer Jerk Run Club every Monday at 5:30. We run 5km (at our own pace) then drink beer. It’s a pretty good time and everyone is welcome, even wine drinkers, kids and cool dogs.


This is our home

All orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Auckland. What a coincidence that it's a bar at the same time? Come say hi - at the Fridge & Flagon.

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