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Never Drink The Same Beer Twice

Never Drink The Same Beer Twice

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How it Works

1. Get Beer

1. Get Beer

We send a box of 12 different beers to your home or workplace. Rare and interesting beers which you won't find in your local bottle shop. Don't drink them yet though, they need to last you 12 weeks.
2. Drink Beer

2. Drink Beer

Every Thursday (at around 7:30) Beer Jerks around the country drink the same beer. We'll have sent you the story of the brewery and the beer along with tasting notes. If they feel like it they Instagram, Tweet or Facebook their reviews.
3. Repeat weekly

3. Repeat weekly

This one is pretty self explanatory...


THIS WEEK'S BEER New New New. Super Rye

New New New. Super Rye

What's the point in having an impressive mash filter if you don't use it to create some unique beers? Super Rye is made with 50% rye where a conventional Rye Ale would use much less due to rye being high in beta-glucans which make for a thick, sticky mash which can clog up a lauter tun. Ancient brewers made beer with whatever grains grew locally and Roggenbier (beer made with rye and other grains) was popular in the cold climes of Northern Europe where cereal grains would not grow. Unfortunately for 16th Century rye beer fans, the Bavarian royals banned it in 1516 when they introduced the Reinheitsgebot beer purity law. The thinking was that rye should be reserved for bakers to make tasty bread while barley (which makes crappy bread) should be the only grain used to make beer. All of this rye makes for a beer with medium body and aroma and flavour similar to Pumpernickel bread. There is a smooth richness to the malt with a little sweetness and a touch of spicy pepper. New New New also included a significant helping of American hops which add some bitterness and big citrus peel flavours. Super Rye is a very easy drinking beer.

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Deric, Auckland
I'm no beer connoisseur but after one round I'm almost feeling beer savvy. Just don't drink them all in one week. It'll leave you feeling left out. #rookieerror #wantmorebeer #jealous #cantwaitfornextdelivery #yougetthepicture

– Deric, Auckland

Anne, Auckland
I love the tasting notes and food matches each week and have become quite knowledgeable already. I even know more than some of the guys at work now! Very impressed with the Beer Jerk set up. I totally recommend Beer Jerk to anyone interested in craft beers. Thanks Beer Jerk!

– Anne, Auckland

Kyle, Fielding
Beer Jerk Thursdays! Quickly becoming my favourite day of the week. I'm now deep in the beer matrix and a world of beer I had no idea existed. Yeah!

– Kyle, Fielding

Brent & Luke, Beer Jerk Towers
We think it's cool. But then you probably can't rely on our testimony, we made this whole thing up.

– Brent & Luke, Beer Jerk Towers