The Dark Drop - Limited Mixed Case

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Welcome to the dark side. If you love dessert and big bold flavours, this is the box for you. It's an incredible and exclusive selection of huge boundary-pushing dark beers at a really brilliant price.

This box contains:

2x Three Sisters. Liquid Cake #3. 9%. 330ml
Chocolate Cinnamon Cake Pastry Stout
This smooth decadent stout from Taranaki champions Three Sisters tastes like liquid cake in a glass. The Liquid Cake series all taste like Willy Wonka decided to take a brewing detour. There is nothing subtle about this entry - get ready for a taste explosion featuring chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla delights. 

2x Small Gods. Rejoice! 9%
Cherry & Chocolate Double Stout
A deep, complex malt base lays the groundwork for a delicious journey through sweetness and warmth. The cherry and raspberry notes contribute a bright fruitiness that cuts through the stout's chocolate notes. Expect a full-bodied experience with a smooth, velvety mouthfeel that makes the whole thing a luxurious affair. The 9% ABV is well integrated, providing a gentle heat that reminds you of its strength without overshadowing the harmonious marriage of fruit and malt.

1x Abandoned. Stout. 5%
Dry Oatmeal Stout
A classic oatmeal stout dry hopped to heck with the finest US grown Amarillo. Big orange-citrus hop character, robust bitterness, classic coffee and cocoa.

1x Kererú. Cherry Peaks. 5.5%. 440ml
Cherry & Coffee Dark Ale
A delicious smooth dark ale. It’s biscuity and bready like a good pie crust, with strong notes of roast coffee and sweet cherry pie, topped with gentle floral hops and touch of smooth vanilla.

1x Small Gods. Hark! 9.3%. 440ml
Gingerbread Imperial Stout
A liquid homage to the delicious Lebkuchen of our childhood Christmasses. Pouring a deep, ebony hue with a creamy head, the aroma is a symphony of ginger spice, molasses, and a hint of vanilla. On tasting, the stout envelops the palate with the richness of gingerbread straight from the oven – the warmth of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg is beautifully intertwined with a dark malt depth that suggests treacle and dark chocolate. The body is substantial, coating the mouth with a velvety texture that carries the spice through to a satisfyingly long finish. The imperial strength is well-concealed, emerging only as a comforting warmth that complements the spice profile. 

1x Otherside. Shift Brewers - Cacao Brown. 5.5%. 375ml
English Brown Ale
A classic English brown ale featuring cacao nibs throughout the brew, this brew is malty and delicious with a hint of ester. The chocolate malts and mocha notes are amplified by cacao which pulls it all together nicely.

1x Small Gods. Glory! 8.5%. 440ml
Orange & Clove Belgian Dark Strong Ale
A delightful ensemble of spice and citrus. On the nose, you're greeted by a subtle spritz of orange zest along with the warm spice of cloves, hinting at the festive flavours within. Upon tasting, the beer offers a robust malt base akin to caramelised sugar and dark fruits, against which the zesty orange and spicy clove notes stand out. It's a robust ale, yet there's a surprising lightness to the finish, leaving a lingering spice that tickles the palate. The alcohol content is assertive yet refined, bringing warmth that complements the beer's spiced profile, making it a contemplative sipper for a relaxing evening or as a companion to rich, hearty meals.

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Customer Reviews

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Allister Sheppard
fast delivery and nice mix of beverages

it can be a challenge finding dark drops in pubs, so it was nice to find this mix case I could order to have at home.

The Dark Drop - Limited Mixed Case