Beer #393 - Small Gods / The Care Of The Reaper Man

Beer #343 - W/C 24 August 2022

BREWERY // Small Gods is different kind of brewery. Luke White & Matt Eats spend a lot of time reading and discussing concepts, history, stories and flavour experiences. Inspiration comes from everywhere - be it a graphic novel, a museum exhibit, a scientific phenomenon or a walk in the countryside. They share everything they know and are passionate about collaboration, working with (and learning from) not just brewers but creative people in any field. They give their label art a lot of consideration and picked up the trophy for best packaging at the Brewer's Guild Awards last year. Producing very small batches that sell out fast, they're starting to become rather prolific with their releases. Perhaps they should open a brewpub?

BEER // From dusk till dawn, in the freezing cold and the blazing heat, the reaper man works tirelessly. In the fields of Canterbury the crops are coaxed from seed to sack, through malting floor and kiln to bring us the freshest, most characterful malt. In the towering hop gardens of Nelson, stringers work high in the air to provide fruitful pathways for the bines to climb, while on the ground the cones are rubbed and sniffed by experts to select harvest dates with care. In a meticulous Wellington lab, yeast wranglers strive to provide the optimum conditions for their yeast with applications of sugar and oxygen. If not for the care of the Reaper Man, there would be no harvest, and your glass would be empty, so raise it up in salute.

This NZ Pale Ale exists thanks to the care of dozens of people. From fields, gardens, kilns and vats our growers, pickers,  fermenters, stringers, scientists and maltsters work hard to deliver the highest quality NZ ingredients. Gladfield American Ale malt uses Autumn Barley, kilned for a clean, vibrant base, paired with Supernova, a malt made with lightly roasted winter barley to impart a nutty, toasted character and a hint of sweetness. From Nelson’s Freestlye Hops come new season Motueka Hops. Carefully chosen from late in the harvest to bring out rich, tropical papaya character. From their Wellington Lab, Froth have nurtured a culture of their Buddy ale yeast for a clean ferment leaving just enough residual sugar to provide a rounded smooth finish.

CREATORS // Small Gods X Gladfield X Freestyle X Froth
BEER // The Care Of The Reaper Man
STYLE // Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 10-13 C
FOOD MATCH // Carrot & Coriander Soup. Cheese on toast with chutney. Lemon pepper chicken.