Beer #321 - Deeds / Sawtooth

Beer #321 - W/C 12 April 2021

BREWERY // In 2003 engineering students Patrick Alé and David Milstein began planning a brewery whilst studying in Melbourne. It turns out building a brewery is pretty expensive so they started a distribution company instead. After a few years of hard graft they saw success with the brands they'd introduced to Australia (especially a little Swedish cider company named Rekorderlig) and were ready to start brewing. in 2012 they began contract brewing and in 2015 they found the perfect site for their brewery. Little did they suspect it would be a further 4 years before they could start brewing on the site due to council red tape, asbestos and their brewhouse manufacturer going bust. In the past couple of years they have made up for lost time cranking our a constant stream of innovative new beers and have quickly become one of Australia's most exciting breweries. Their head brewer Justin Corbitt won Beer & Brewer's Brewer of the Year 2020.

BEER // In the 19th Century sawtooth roofs were a smart innovation which allowed sunlight to evenly illuminate factories. The Deeds logo takes inspiration from their brewery roof and so does this beer - their aim was to capture sunshine in a can. This kettle sour is light, tart, spritzy and beautifully summery (even if the weather isn't). Lactobacillus (a lactic acid producing bacteria) is added after the mash and before boiling to 'kettle sour' the beer and give it a very refreshing bite. The initial whack of pineapple on the nose and as it hits your tongue brings to mind the juice of tinned pineapple but the light acidic sourness immediately cuts through before a surprisingly dry finish that quenches the thirst and keeps you coming back for more. We also get a touch of spiciness from the French Saison yeast. This is a brilliant beer to pair with food, especially fatty dishes.

BREWERY // Deeds
BEER // Sawtooth
STYLE // Pineapple Sour
ORIGIN // Melbourne
ABV // 4.4%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Salty Chips. Grilled Fish. Tempura. Washed Rind Cheese. Vanilla Cheesecake.
VESSEL // Chalice. Goblet