Beer #320 - Deeds / Fiscal Damage

Beer #320 - W/C 5 April 2021

BREWERY // In 2003 engineering students Patrick Alé and David Milstein began planning a brewery whilst studying in Melbourne. It turns out building a brewery is pretty expensive so they started a distribution company instead. After a few years of hard graft they saw success with the brands they'd introduced to Australia (especially a little Swedish cider company named Rekorderlig) and were ready to start brewing. in 2012 they began contract brewing and in 2015 they found the perfect site for their brewery. Little did they suspect it would be a further 4 years before they could start brewing on the site due to council red tape, asbestos and their brewhouse manufacturer going bust. In the past couple of years they have made up for lost time cranking our a constant stream of innovative new beers and have quickly become one of Australia's most exciting breweries. Their head brewer Justin Corbitt won Beer & Brewer's Brewer of the Year 2020.

BEER // OK so every beer we curate for you is special but some beers are more special than others. Deeds first brewed Fiscal Damage at the end of 2019 to huge acclaim in Australia so when we heard they were brewing it again we knew we had to import it for you Jerks. The fuss is due to the massive amount of hops used to dry hop the brew - 50 grams per litre. There are fantastic IPAs brewed with 10g/L and we've actually never heard of such a highly hopped beer being brewed in NZ or anywhere else in the world. Don't worry though, while you might expect a glass of Fiscal Damage to be a similar experience to pouring hop pellets into your mouth, it's a very balanced beer. Obviously, it is intensely hoppy (and at 9.5%, perfect to share with a friend) but the massive soft pillowy malt body supports the tropical fruit cocktail of Mosaic, Motueka, Cryo Mosaic & Warrior nicely and had a creamy sweetness that isn't overpowering. It's an incredible beer to savour and appreciate the extreme edge of what is possible in a Hazy IPA.

BREWERY // Deeds
BEER // Fiscal Damage
STYLE // Hazy Triple IPA
ORIGIN // Melbourne
ABV // 9.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Coconut Poached Fish. Kumara Chips. Fresh Soft Cheese