Beer #283 - Fifth Voyage / Ground Up

Beer #283 - W/C 20 July 2020

BREWERIES // Back in 2015 Oli & Julian decided they were sick of their jobs in industrial rope access so pooled their life savings to set up a 100L brewery and workshop. Coming from a background of climbing and mountaineering, they were no strangers to challenges and calculated risk. Before they knew it, they were racking up awards and brewing 18,000L in a year. Which is a lot of brewing on a 100L kit. Their cult following in Wanaka demanded more beer than they could brew so, a couple of years ago Neil (Julian's dad) joined the team as they scaled up their capacity. They bought a brewery kit from Dunedin which had previously belonged to the late, great Terry McCashin and have continued cranking out bold and interesting beers from the Ground Up.

BEER // The porter style of beer originated in London in the early 18th century and took its name from the street and river porters who quickly became big fans. The well hopped beer made with brown malts was the was the first style to be brewed in large quantities and the porter breweries of London pioneered many technological advances such as the use of the thermometer around 1760 and hydrometer in 1770. Fifth Voyage takes a delicious medium bodied porter as a base before layering lightly toasted organic Sri Lankan coconut shreds, organic Dominican Republic cacao husks and Tahitian vanilla. None of us will be travelling to such exotic climes anytime soon but if you close your eyes and take a big swig you can almost imagine you're having dessert on a tropical island...

BREWERY // Ground Up
BEER // Fifth Voyage
STYLE // Coconut Porter
ORIGIN // Wanaka
ABV //  6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. Around 10C
FOOD MATCH // Coconut Grilled Chicken. Coconut tofu Keema. Coffee & Chilli Rubbed Steak. Coconut Macaroons.
VESSEL // Dimpled Handle. A Coconut. An Easter Egg