Beer #284 - 3 Ravens / Pacific Red Ale

Beer #284 - W/C 27 July 2020

BREWERIES // It all began with a beer being specially brewed for a wedding. As is so often the way with passion projects, 3 Ravens soon took on a life of its own with a microbrewery opening in North Melbourne in 2003. They began with a focus on traditional European styles and have seen a couple of reinventions over the years. In the past few years, they made waves with wild fermented soleras, quadrupels and imperial stouts aged in all manner of barrels. Recently they have been lauded for their fruit sours, NEIPAs and Milkshake series. With mastery of so many varied styles, it wasn't a surprise to see them pick up the award for Champion Australian Independent Brewery at the 2019 Independent Beer Awards. 3 Ravens also have a great brewery bar which we can't wait to visit again once borders open.

BEER // Pacific Red Ale is an elevated and tweaked take on 3 Ravens' Bronze Ale which was a rather traditional English Extra Special Bitter. The brewers imagined that beer crossing the equator by incorporating a blend of tropical Australian and modern German hops which result in tropical fruity notes and distinct bitterness as a foil to the sweetness of the malt bill. The beautiful red colour and biscuity toffee flavours are from the Australian malt to which a hefty portion of rolled and malted wheat was added to give the beer a creamy full body. You may also discern some delicate cherry notes from the London Ale yeast. It's a lovely break from the norm to see this modern take on a traditional favourite. 

BREWERY // Three Ravens
BEER // Pacific Red
STYLE // American Red Ale
ORIGIN // Melbourne
ABV //  6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. Around 9C
FOOD MATCH // Chips w. Truffle Oil & Parmesan. A Really Good Burger. Washed Rind Cheese with Fig Jam. Crayfish.

VESSEL // Tulip