Beer #282 - Beer Baroness / Equaliser

Beer #282 - W/C 13 July 2020

BREWERIES // Ava Nakagawa's parents bought Pomeroy's pub in Christchurch when she was 16. Before long she was working Sunday shifts and, a decade later, became the manager helping Pom's cement a reputation as one of the best craft beer pubs in the country. She brought that wealth of beer knowledge and experience to Beer Baroness which she opened in 2012. As the founding chair, Ava also helped launch the the NZ chapter of Pink Boots in 2014, an international initiative to assist, inspire and encourage women in the beer industry. Beer Baroness beers are all about flavour, they have perfected the core range over time and are constantly releasing experimental, seasonal and collaborative beers that are best drunk at the Pomeroy's bay.

BEER // Ahhh Pilsner - the greatest of all beer styles. In 1836 a revolt against sub-quality beer took place in Bohemia with barrels being dumped in the town square of Pilsen. Soon after a new style worthy of celebration was born in the town. Bavarian brewer Josef Groll arrived in town and took inspiration from the hoppy Pale Ales of Burton to create a new style using the bottom-fermenting lager yeast and lagering (storing in a cool environment) popular in his homeland. Combined with the soft local water and spicy Saaz hops, he was onto a world beater with Pilsner Urquell. Fast forward to the 1970s when the multinational mega-brewers sullied the name of the once-great style by churning out huge volumes using the cheapest ingredients possible. We're happy to report than craft brewers are once again embracing Pilsners and crafting them with the care they deserve. Each year hops are harvested and they immediately begin to degrade. They are quickly dried and crushed into pellets that can be vacuum sealed to be used year-round. There is a window (of hours rather than days) when the fresh wet hops can be taken from the hop gardens and used to brew unique 'fresh hop' beers which are released during an annual festival. We could argue for hours about whether fresh or pelletised hops are 'better' but they certainly result in different beers. The crushing process means more alpha acids are released in pellets making for higher bitterness and aroma. Fresh whole hops give clearer floral notes. Motueka is a NZ hop variety bred from the noble Czech Saaz hops with similar floral characteristics plus big lemon ad lime notes. The Equaliser is a familiar yet unique, New Zealand Pilsner with a crisp, dry finish.

BREWERY // Beer Baroness
BEER // Fresh Hop Equaliser
STYLE // Fresh Hop Pilsner
ORIGIN // Christchurch
ABV //  5.2%
TEMPERATURE // Cold. Around 5C
FOOD MATCH // Lemon Risotto. Toasted Cheese Sandwich. Tandoori Tuna Steak. Bratwurst.
VESSEL // Tall Pilsner Glass