Beer #262 - Lakeman / Wheatwhacker

Beer #262 - W/C 2nd March 2020

BREWERY // A decade ago, nitrogen discharge caps were placed on land around Lake Taupō to protect the freshwater quality. This meant local farmers had limits put on the amount of fertiliser they could use and the number of animals they could raise on their land. Farmers James & Elissa Cooper saw a great opportunity to diversify their income stream away from just cows and sheep by building a brewery in an old shed on the farm. In a happy coincidence, that shed sat atop a bore hole which provides pristine water, naturally filtered through the pumice-rich soil for their brews. Sustainability is at the heart of the Lakeman philosophy with all spent grain being fed to the heifers and waste water being used for irrigation.

BEER // While malted barley is the base of most beers, protein rich wheat is a wonderfully versatile ingredient that is often included in the malt bill when brewing. Of course, it is most famously employed in the OG hazy beers of Germany & Belgium - Wheatbeers & Wits. Since Bavarian monks first used wheat in 15th century brews, it has been used in various ratios in many different styles for improved head retention and to add body. Wheat is employed in styles as diverse as Saison, Lambic, Kölsch and New England IPA. Wheatwhacker is somewhat of a mash-up (pun very much intended) of a hop-forward Pale Ale and a delicate, full bodied Kristalweizen. The hops provide lemony citrus notes with slightly herbal juniper flavours which sit atop the smooth, easy drinking malt and wheat base.

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BREWERY // Lakeman
BEER // Wheatwhacker
ORIGIN // Taupo

ABV //  5.8%
FOOD MATCH // Smoked Cheddar. Hot and Spicy Spare Ribs. Tomato & Melon Salad.

VESSEL // IPA Glass. Snifter.

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