Beer #263 - Tinker Tailor / Brut IPA

Beer #263 - W/C 9th March 2020

BREWERY // John, Tim & Erica launched Tinker Tailor two and a half years ago as the only brewery in Porirua, Wellington. Their name comes from the split personality approach they have to crafting recipes. The 'Tailor' beers are about perfecting and refining classic styles while the 'Tinker' releases are about playing with convention and embracing innovation and unexpected flavours. It's good fun to try their Tinker beers next to their Tailor counterparts and debate the relative merits of both. Erica has a good blog on the brewery website with our highlight being the recipe for chocolate stout self saucing pudding. The Plimmerton brewery has a cellar door where you can meet the team and buy beer fresh from the tanks.

BEER // IPAs are generally defined by being hop-heavy but there are many sub-categories. Brut IPA is a style that emerged in San Francisco as a counterpoint to the relatively sweet, full bodied, juicy, hazy New England IPA trend. 'Brut' is used to describe a very dry Champagne and the same is true of the beer. The key ingredient is amylogucosidase which breaks down complex, non fermentable sugars. This results in the yeast having a little more sugar to ferment into alcohol and the resultant beer being bone dry with no residual sweetness. Tinker Tailor's Brut is a pretty unusual and very easy drinking IPA - it has a large dose of aromatic bitter hops with a light body and a totally dry finish.

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BREWERY // Tinker Tailor
BEER // Brut IPA
ORIGIN // Plimmerton, Porirua

ABV //  5.9%
FOOD MATCH // Oysters. Paprika Crisps. Spiced Ginger Loaf. Aged Brie.

VESSEL // IPA Glass. Shaker.