Beer #261 - Cargo / English Old Ale

Beer #261 - W/C 24th February 2020

BREWERY // Cargo Brewery may be a new name to you but they are a big deal in Waitiri Creek where they have been pouring delicious beers and hosting concerts with artists like Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox and The Black Seeds for a few years. The brewery was started by Malcolm Blakey in 2015 who had fallen in love with the art and science of brewing at home and decided to level up by launching the Cargo brand. Malcolm hones the recipes on a small scale before they are contract brewed at a large brewery. Prior to starting the brewery he had spent over a decade in event management which was to come in handy. Their cellar door, restaurant and event space in Gibbston (near Queenstown) is housed in a beautiful 1894 building which formerly served as Wangaloa Presbyterian Church. They also have a hop garden with 100 bines and a small brewery for seasonal brews and test batches. We're looking forward to paying them a visit.

BEER // Unlike some styles, an 'Old Ale' is hard to define and is an umbrella term which encompasses a range of pretty different beers. The name comes from the centuries old practice of English pubs and breweries ageing stronger beers in wooden tuns where they would take on more complex flavours. The tannins in the wood would play a part, as would any resident bacteria such as lactobacillus or even brettanomyces which would give the beer tart, sour notes. And the oxidation would enhance the sweet caramel flavours. These ales would often be blended with younger Mild beers to add interest. This beer from Cargo has not been aged in wood but it takes flavour cues from the Old Ales of old and with deliciously rounded malt characteristics and a sweet biscuity toffee flavours. It is smooth and full bodied and you definitely don't want to drink it too cold.

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BREWERY // Cargo
BEER // Lost Cargo. Old English Ale
ORIGIN // Waitiri Creek, near Queenstown

ABV //  5.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cellar Temperature. 10-12C
FOOD MATCH // Venison Stew. Mushroom Wellington. Spiced Plum Walnut Tart. Stilton.
VESSEL // Snifter. Pewter Mug. Dimpled Mug.