Beer #240 - Funk Estate / Grapefruit Mothership

Beer #240 - W/C 23 September 2019

BREWERY // Seven years ago Shiggy, Jordan and Dylan were young Wellington beer enthusiasts who got together to drink and to brew collaboratively. It was pretty much inevitable that Funk Estate Brewery would grow from this friendship and shared love of beer. After brewing in Wellington and Auckland they now have a beautiful home in Mt Maunganui. This Summer we are looking forward to drinking Funk beers right next door to the brewery at The Rising Tide pub.

BEER // Almost exactly 5 years ago a San Diego brewery had the wonderful idea of adding grapefruit to their core IPA and the world went crazy for it. Brewers everywhere took inspiration from the magic pairing of grapefruit and hops. The pithy, bitter citrus of the fruit compliments and enhances hop flavours perfectly. This week's beer is a spin on Funk Estate's Mothership American Pale Ale (which was a very citrus-y beer even without fruit). There's a big initial hit of grapefruit (as you might expect) but that soon gives way to a delicious fruit loaf malt body which in turn is supported by a melody of tropical, grassy hops. This Pale Ale finishes crisp and dry and tastes like almost like soft drink that has been created for grown-ups who love beer. 

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BREWERY // Funk Estate
BEER // Mothership Grapefruit
STYLE // American Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Mount Maunganui
ABV // 5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 10mins out of the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Guacamole & corn chips. Coconut & Pumpkin Soup. Quesadilla with cashew mozzarella and chipotle cream
. Lemon drizzle cake.
GLASS // PA Glass, Tulip