Beer #239 - Zeelandt / Guv'nor

Beer #239 - W/C 16 September 2019

BREWERY // Brewing is in Christopher Barber's blood. His Hawke's Bay brewery, Zeelandt, opened in 2012 around 125 years after his great great grandfather opened a brewery near Christchurch. Christopher honed his skills working at St Austell Brewery in Cornwall before returning to New Zealand to brew at Hallertau. The brewery's name (pronounced zay-land) reflects the inspiration taken from classic European styles with a distinctly New Zealand twist. Zeelandt have been steadily increasing their output and also releasing more seasonal beers. It's great to see more of their beers around the country. If you find yourself anywhere near Eskdale, be sure to pay a visit to their brewery taproom.

BEER // The Extra Special Bitter style is all about balance with big malt flavour and sweetness meeting the hop bitterness head on. Along with all Bitter varieties, it can trace its history 1642 when coke (a high carbon fuel made from coal) was first used to roast malt in Derbyshire. Prior to that year malt was roasted with peat or wood which made for darker coloured beers imbued with smokey flavours. Coke brought about an "alteration which all England admired". Zeelandt's take on the iconic style has nutty, biscuit malts with fruity hop flavours, a bitter finish and a creamy full mouthfeel. Being a classic Bitter, it has low carbonation, is well rounded and is best drunk at cellar temperature. Bitters may by rather unfashionable in today's beer climate (especially outside England) and they certainly aren't the bitterest style out there but overlook them at your peril- there are few things more enjoyable than a pint of the stuff accompanied by a pie and the Sunday papers.

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BREWERY // Zeelandt
BEER // Guv'nor
STYLE // Extra Special Bitter
ORIGIN // Eskdale, Hawke's Bay
ABV // 5.3%
TEMPERATURE // Cellar Temperature. 10 - 13C
FOOD MATCH // Lentil Shepherd's Pie. Bangers & Mash. Fish & Chips
GLASS // Dimpled Mug. Pewter Tankard