Beer #228 - Beerbliotek & Odd Island / Göteborgswits

Beer #228 - W/C 1 July 2019

BREWERY // In 2012 four friends from different parts of the world - Adam (Australia), Richard (New Zealand), Darryl (South Africa) & Anders (Sweden) - decided to start a brewery in Gothenburg. Their name is derived from the Latin word Bibliotheca and creating a 'library of beers' is at the heart of what they do. They decided to create a wide variety of new beers with few repeat brews and many one offs. The big number on each can represents the number of different beers brewed up to that point. Odd Island is a microbrewery just outside Gothenburg founded by Daniel Svensson and Peter Iwers formerly of iconic metal band In Flames. During 20 years of touring the World they developed a taste for good beer and took inspiration from US breweries. They reckon the creativity, resilience and tight teamwork required to make beer isn't that different to the skills required to produce music. Iwers says "There’s no point in listening to negative people – you can become whatever you want". Both breweries have Gothenburg taprooms where you can sample their beers fresh from the tanks.

BEER // Beerbliotek and Odd Island got together to brew a collaborative beer based on a light Wit. Witbiers became popular in Belgium over 400 years ago. At that time Belgium was part of the Netherlands whose colonisation of the Spice Islands supplied local brewers with a variety of interesting flavours which their Reinheitsgebot-abiding German counterparts could not access. Historically Witbiers were made with ground coriander and bitter curaçao orange peel making for a fragrant, soft and very refreshing beer. Göteborgswit is a vey modern take on the style with minimal spicy yeast flavours, prominent hoppiness and refreshing melon notes. The wheat and oats in the maltbill give a rounded mouthfeel to this quaffable, aromatic and unique beer.

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BREWERY // Beerbliotek & Odd Island
BEER // Göteborgswit
STYLE // Witbier
ORIGIN // Gothenburg, Sweden
ABV // 5.2%
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 9-10C
FOOD MATCH // Dim sum. Fish Tacos. Lemon Chicken. Beetroot & Goat Cheese Salad. Pineapple Sorbet.
GLASS // Tulip. IPA Glass