Beer #226 - Beerbliotek / A Really Grape Lager

Beer #226 - W/C 24 June 2019

BREWERY // In 2012 four friends from different parts of the world - Adam (Australia), Richard (New Zealand), Darryl (South Africa) & Anders (Sweden) - decided to start a brewery in Gothenburg. Their name is derived from the Latin word Bibliotheca and creating a 'library of beers' is at the heart of what they do. They decided to create a wide variety of new beers with few repeat brews and many one offs. The big number on each can represents the number of different beers brewed up to that point. The past few years have seen steady growth for Beerbliotek and good beer on the whole in Sweden. There have been Gothenburg breweries since the city was founded in 1621 but at the turn of this century the last city brewery, Pripps, moved production abroad. Fortunately the craft beer book came soon after and the city is now filled with awesome independent craft breweries. Next time you're in Sweden be sure to visit the Beerbliotek taproom, we have it on good authority it's a real good time.

BEER // Lager is a style that doesn't get a lot of love from us craft beer enthusiasts. But, as anyone who has visited the Lager Meccas of Bavaria and the Czech Republic know, a well made lager is a truly beautiful thing. The name comes from the German word 'lagern' meaning 'to store' and lagered beers are brewed at a cooler temperature to other styles using bottom fermenting yeast rather than the more common top fermenting varieties. There is a whole family of lagered beers including Bock, Pilsner, Dunkel, Helles, Oktoberfestbier and others but that's a story for another day. Over a few glasses of wine, the Beerbliotek crew were offered some grapes by their friends at urban winery Wine Mechanics. A Really Grape Lager is first and foremost an easy-to-drink, refreshing and well made lager with a dry finish and solid bitterness. The grapes give the beer a white grape, peachy, fruity dimension

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BREWERY // Beerbliotek
BEER // A Really Grape Lager
STYLE // Unfiltered Lager
ORIGIN // Gothenburg, Sweden
ABV // 5.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Roast Salmon with Lemon. Fancy Macaroni Cheese. Coconut, Lime & Ginger Vegetable Curry. Berry Pavlova
GLASS // Lager or Pilsner Glass