Beer #223 - Te Aro / Flanders Red

Beer #223 - W/C 3 June 2019

BREWERY // In the Winter of 2013, after years of home-brewing, Karl Kayes opened up Brewtopia Home Brew Supplies in Te Aro, central Wellington. The decision to start a commercial brewery with old friend Stuart Gebbie seemed inevitable and a year later Te Aro Brewing Co. was born, brewing beers in the back of the shop. Their reputation for excellent beer meant speedy growth and a bigger space was necessary. The brewery is now located in a former Dunlop tyre factory in Upper Hutt. The local council has been supportive of breweries meaning the area is now known as 'Brewtown' with neighbours including Kereru, Boneface and Panhead (Lion) making it a most excellent location for a day trip. In keeping with Karl's home-brew background, you can find his recipes on the Te Aro website. It'd probably be polite to post him a bottle if you do though.

BEER // In the historic kingdom of Flanders (Northern Belgium) sour red and brown beers have been brewed for centuries. The beers are defined by their different approach to brewing which incorporates multi organism fermentation, patient ageing in oak and nuanced blending. This style of beer offers a truly unique take on the environment in which it was fermented. Te Aro's take on the style is a blend of different batches that have been aged between 4 and 2 years in Pinot Noir Barrels. Microorganisms that reside in the brewery and the barrels (with snappy names like Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Brettanomyces and Acetobacter) define the acidic, vinous flavour. The style is sometimes know as the Burgundy of Belgium and the fruity, cherry, plum notes are certainly more reminiscent of wine than beer. This beer also has a vanilla oakiness and tannic finish from the wooden barrel. The sweet, sour, complex, low-carbonated beer is certainly an acquired taste but one worth investigating.

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BEER // Flanders Red
STYLE // Flanders Red
ORIGIN // BrewTown, Upper Hutt
ABV // 7.8%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 10-12C
FOOD MATCH // Ravioli in a creamy sauce. Garlic Sausage & Peppers. Beef Pho. Stilton.
GLASS // Wine Glass