Beer #224 - Yeastie Boys / White Palace

Beer #224 - W/C 10 June 2019

BREWERY // We love Yeastie Boys. Their iconic Gunnamatta was the first ever Beer Of The Week back in March 2015 when we had 6 members and we've eagerly anticipated every release since. The past few years have seen huge growth for the boys - Stu McKinlay & Sam Possenniskie - with intercontinental expansion seeing the contract brewery simultaneously making beers in Australia, England and Auckland. Since they launched in Wellington in 2008, Yeastie Boys have always done things their way. Despite not having a brewery, last year they bought on James Kemp - who formerly created delicious beverages at Marble, Buxton & Thornbridge - as head brewer. 2019 has seen the Yeasties release all manner of awesome looking collaboration brews in the Northern Hemisphere and we're hoping they'll start cranking out more new releases in NZ. In the meantime we're pretty happy drinking possibly the most eclectic core range (beers made with Earl Grey tea, coconut and 100% peat smoked malt) in the country.

BEER // White Palace is a fast food joint in the film of the same name starring Susan Sarandon & James Spader. We're not sure what the story of intergenerational erotic romance has to do with the beer but it's a cool name. The beer was created to celebrate Yeastie Boys entering their second decade and is a great example of where craft beer stands at this point in time. A well made lager is a glorious thing and the recent 'India Pale Lager' trend mashes together the crisp drinkability of a lager with the fruity hoppiness of an IPA. 'Brut' beers were first brewed in San Francisco around a year ago and took the beer world by storm. It takes its name from the wine world where Brut signifies a very dry Champagne. Key to the style is the enzyme amylogucosidase which breaks down complex, non fermentable sugars. This results in the yeast having a little more sugar to ferment into alcohol and the resultant beer being bone dry with no residual sweetness. To this, lashings of passionfruit and Pinot Gris grape juice were added resulting in a delicate, aromatic, well balanced beer that brings to mind Sauvignon Blanc. 

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BREWERY // Yeastie Boys
BEER // White Palace
STYLE // India Pale Lager
ORIGIN // Concepted in London. Brewed in Auckland
ABV // 6.6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool- around 7C
FOOD MATCH // Foie Gras. Calamari. Salmon with Dill. Tabbouleh Salad. Shortbread.
GLASS // Lager Glass. IPA Glass. Wine Glass