Beer #222 - Garage Project / Muse Hibiscus & Lemon

Beer #222 - W/C 27 May 2019

BREWERY // It's hard to believe that Garage Project was the only Wellington inner city brewery when a pair of old friends opened the doors to the former petrol station in 2011. Jos Ruffell was looking for a change after years working in the computer game industry and Pete Gillespie wanted to take charge after a decade of brewing commercially in the UK and Australia. Pete had been attempting to start a brewery in Australia but faced regulatory roadblocks, Wellington seemed the obvious choice. They started with the 24/24 programme - brewing and releasing a single keg of a different beer each week for 24 weeks. And the rest is history.
Recently Garage Project opened the Wild Workshop on Marion Street, a wonderland packed with beer ageing in wooden barrels, foeders (giant barrels) & terracotta amphorae. It was essential to have a different building to the Garage as everything in the Workshop is fermented with wild yeasts which needs to be kept separate from 'clean' brews. The Workshop is headed up by head brewer and (possible) wizard Dave Bell previously of "RateBeer Best Brewer In England" Siren where he brewed a collaboration beer with GP in 2016.

BEER // "Brewers make the wort and yeast makes the beer". Yeast is all around us and different strains can radically effect the flavour of a beer. There are all manner of wild yeast varieties floating around the Wild Workshop which can make magic tasting beers but would infect and 'ruin' everything in a traditional brewery. Muse has a very simple malt base which was fermented with Garage Project's saison blend and Lactobacillus and aged in oak barrels. Lactobacillus is a bacteria which produces sour lactic acid. Muse serves as the marvellously complex yet drinkable tart, sour canvas to which Garage Project are building a whole series of beers on. Each iteration of Muse is made with different additions. The infusion of dry hibiscus gives this iteration of Muse striking colour, aroma and flavour. The freshly zested lemon peel makes for a long dry zesty finish.

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BREWERY // Garage Project
BEER // Muse Hibiscus & Lemon
STYLE // Sour Ale
ORIGIN // Marion Street, Wellington
ABV // 5.1%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 10-12C
FOOD MATCH // Fries & Mayo. Mussels. Brie. Waffles with Berries & Balsamic Vinegar.
GLASS // Wine Glass