Beer #55 - Baby Daddy / Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

Beer #55 - W/C 14 March 2016

The 1920’s were a dry time for most Americans with a nationwide prohibition of alcohol which lasted 13 years. When expert home brewers Steve Bruce and Forest Gray started their brewery in 1997, they named it Speakeasy to celebrate the more enlightened times in which we now live. While prohibition is now over, it is interesting to note that the beer in your glass is one which most Americans cannot buy. Alcohol control legislation means that it is more hassle for breweries to distribute across state lines than it is to sell internationally. While Speakeasy Ales are on tap at pretty much every good bar in San Francisco, the brewery only distributes to a handful of other states.

A hoppy, bitter IPA without the 7% ABV often associated with American IPA's. As the 'session' implies, Baby Daddy is a great beer to sink a few of- very tasty but not tastebud-destroyingly hoppy. The four 'C' hops give lots of tropical fruit, citrus and pine aroma. Flavour is bitter citrus rind, resinous pine and tropical fruitriffing over a sweet bread-y malt base. Soft carbonation and medium body make for a very satisfying but awfully more-ish Session IPA to enjoy in the last warm weeks before Autumn gets properly underway.

BREWERY // Speakeasy
BEER // Baby Daddy
STYLE // Session IPA
ORIGIN // San Francisco
MALT // Two Row, Dextrin, Caramel, Munich
HOP // Citra, Chinook, Centennial, Cascade
ABV // 4.7%
IBU // 35
TEMPERATURE // Cool/cold - 8-10C
FOOD MATCH // Beef Burger. Danish Blue Cheese. Chicken Masala
GLASS // IPA Glass
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