Beer #43 - Grapefruit Sculpin / Ballast Point

 Beer #43 - W/C 21 December 2015


When Jack White (not that one) found himself in the tricky situation of being a keen home brewer without a decent supply of ingredients in 1992, he took matters into his own hands. Jack opened Home Brew Mart that year in his home town of San Diego and inevitably started brewing in the back room. Fast forward to today and Ballast Point is one of the most highly regarded breweries in America producing a range of award winning beers. Last month the company was bought by Constellation brands for $1 billion.


Sculpin is one of the most highly regarded IPAs in the world. It took a brave brewer to add an unusual 5th ingredient (ie. not water, malt, hops or yeast) to what many consider a perfect beer. We're glad they did though. The addition of grapefruit to the well hopped, aromatic IPA makes is, arguably, even greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s refreshing, bitter and resinous with decent body. Grapefruit flavour is dominant but you'll also taste pine, lemon and biscuit malt. Not a traditional Christmas beer but a bloody good one.

BREWERY // Ballast Point
BEER // Grapefruit Sculpin
ORIGIN // San Diego
ABV // 7%
IBU // 70
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Thai Coconut & Pumpkin Soup. Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Peach Sorbet
GLASS // IPA Glass

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