Beer #42 - Kiwanda Cream Ale / Pelican Brewing

Beer #42 - W/C 14 December 2015


The Pelican Pub & Brewery sits right on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon and next year see's their 20th anniversary. Brewmaster Darron Welch has been there since the beginning, overseeing development of a second brewery to keep up with demand. In 2016 this second brewery grew again, adding 13,000 square feet of production space as well as a second beachside brew pub opening. All Pelican beers are meticulously designed to cleanly represent the style in a distinctly American way. We've been checking out some photographs of the Oregon coast online and have firmly placed it on the 'must visit' list on the upcoming Beer Jerk World Tour.


Cream Ales aren’t all that popular in New Zealand but that may change soon. Generally cream ales are characterised by medium bitterness and low hop flavour- a bit like lager but tastier and with a bigger body and smooth mouthfeel. There are no big flavours to hide poor technique in a cream ale, if you aren't impressed- try brewing one yourself. Kiwanda from Pelican has been winning awards for years and is a benchmark for the style. It is an easygoing, creamy beer with light floral aroma, bready notes and a touch of spicy hops. A simple, honest beer that's perfect for summer.

BREWERY // Pelican Brewing
BEER // Kiwanda Cream Ale
STYLE // Cream Ale
ORIGIN // Pacific City, Oregon
ABV // 5.1%
IBU // 25
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 8-10C
FOOD MATCH // Grilled Salmin. Barbecue Ribs. Aged Brie. Lemon Custard Tart
GLASS // Flute, Pilsner Glass

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