Beer #44 - Petone Pale Ale / Baylands

Beer #44 - W/C 28 December 2015


Baylands Brewery is named after the the Wellington street where Aiden, Steve & Nikki started brewing in a double garage back in late 2012. Their kegged beers quickly gained popularity and more than a few awards along the way. They have only recently started putting their beer into cans and bottles. Having outgrown the garage, Baylands is now based in a warehouse in Petone from where they also run a brew store. This year they started the brilliant initiative of Karma Kegs, where one keg per week is tapped at the Queen of Jackson pub with drinkers paying what they like and all takings going to charity. The Baylands team love making good beer and sharing their knowledge and passion with home-brewers. We're looking forward to paying them a visit next time we're in Petone.


Petone was the first beer brewed at the new brewery. It is American style Pale Ale with US hops and fine NZ & British malts. Lots of floral hop aroma on the nose make for a delicious, well balanced beer. There are lots of floral and citrus notes in the hops and you may detect some pine or grapefruit flavours. Bonus- if you want to visit the brewery, there’s a handy map on the tin. 

BREWERY // Baylands
BEER // Petone
STYLE // Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Petone, Wellington
ABV // 5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Thai Red Curry. Pan Fried Scallops. Smoked Cheese
GLASS // IPA Glass

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