Beer #36 - Funk Estate / Renegade

 Beer #36 - W/C 2 November 2015


While none of the 3 guys at Funk Estate has an afro, they all sport rather fetching beards. Shigeo, Jordan and Dylan were young Wellington beer enthusiasts who got together to drink and to brew collaboratively. Inevitably Funk Estate was born, 3 and a half years later they are doing what they set out to do- "pleasing crowds without being a typical crowd-pleaser". It seems like the crowd at the Brewers Guild were pleased as they chucked a stack of medals at them this year. We've got a feeling they didn't give theirs away to the next kid who strolled past.


Renegade is part of the 'Mastermind' range- a limited series of some of the brewer's favourite styles. This Red IPA has lots of American Cascade and Rakau hops which lend the beer a pungent bitterness with fruity citrus. The Funk Estate chaps found the perfect synergy between hops and malt here with a mix of different malts providing a slightly sweet caramel base. Renegade has a medium body, it's very smooth and extremely more-ish. Red IPA's are one of Brent's favourite styles and, if he had his way, we'd all be drinking Red IPA every second week.

BREWERY // Funk Estate
BEER // Renegade
ORIGIN // Wellington. New Zealand
HOPS // US Cascade & Rakau
ABV // 6.6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 6-8C
FOOD MATCH // Jambalaya. Vegetable Jalfrezi. Gruyere Cheese. Toffee Pudding
GLASS // IPA Glass

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