Beer #35 - Townshend's / St. Bernard's Jet

 Beer #35 - W/C 26 October 2015


Townshend's were named New Zealand's Champion Brewery 2014 by the Brewer's Guild of New Zealand. And with good reason. In the 10 years since Martin Townshend started his brewery, it has become unanimously respected as a source of excellent beer after excellent beer. Martin has eschewed trends and fancy marketing and stuck to crafting natural, honest beer the same way brewers have for centuries with the best possible ingredients. It helps that the brewery is situated in the heart on the NZ hop growing region and has access to water from an ancient aquifer.


We'd categorise St Bernard's Jet firmly in the 'stout' category. This has all of the usual characteristics we love in a good stout with the rich malt base providing roast coffee, caramel and chocolate flavours. Oats provide a big body to match the 7.3%ABV. Veering toward sweetness over bitterness, this is not a beer which will challenge drinkers but one which we enjoy very much. We've never had a beer from Townshend's we didn't like.

BREWERY // Townshend's
BEER // St. Bernard's Jet
STYLE // Strong Dark Ale
ORIGIN // Nelson. New Zealand
ABV // 7.3%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Grilled Asparagus. Oysters. Bitter Dark Chocolate.
GLASS // Dimpled Mug, Nonic Pint Glass

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