Beer # 34 - Yeastie Boys / Rex Attitude

 Beer #34 - W/C 19 October 2015

"Made at the opposite ends of the Earth to keep the World in good beer balance."

Yeastie boys was established in 2008 by 'Head Boy' Stu McKinlay and 'Grower of Outrageous Beards' Sam Possenniskie. They got NZ's attention when their flagship porter Pot Kettle Black won two trophies at the BrewNZ awards in 2009. Yeastie Boys have a roster of several regular beers which are produced year round, and also produce a limited release of seasonal beers

Yeastie Boys don't own or operate their own brewery preferring to contract brew with established breweries like Invercargill Brewery in New Zealand and BrewDog in Scotland. This allows them to focus on the business of creating excellent beer without needing to run a brewery.

They switched up a gear this year with their successful crowd funding on PledgeMe in January 2015 which saw them raise $500,000 in just 30 minutes! The capital raised is being used to develop the company's production in Britain and sales across Europe, which will mean exciting times for our northern hemisphere cousins and huge increased market potential for Yeastie Boys.

One might describe Rex Attitude as an acquired taste. While the use of peat-smoked malt in a beer isn't especially unusual, the received wisdom is to include it as a small percentage of the malt bill. The Yeastie Boys aren't really ones to heed 'received wisdom' so they decided to make the World's first beer with 100% peat-smoked malt. Obviously, smoke dominates the aroma and taste leading to favourable comparisons to Islay whisky or unfavourable ones to the ashes of a spent barbecue. Look out for other subtle flavours and you may taste hints of feijoa, bacon or formaldehyde. 

BREWERY // Yeastie Boys
BEER // Rex Attitude
STYLE // Peat-smoked Strong Golden Ale
ORIGIN // Invercargill. New Zealand
ABV // 7%
TEMPERATURE // Cupboard Temperature - 12-15C
FOOD MATCH // Kedgeree, Nasi Goreng, Vietnamese Minced Prawn in Kawakawa Leaf
GLASS // Snifter. Tulip. Whisky Glass

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