Beer #24 - Brewaucracy / Bean Counter

Beer #24 - W/C 10 August 2015


"Making beers which make us smile"

Grieg and Phil have been steadily 'time-share brewing' a range of very good beer at Shunter's Yard Brewery in Matangi which is handy for three reasons. 1- it means they don't have to invest a fortune in buying their own large scale brewing equipment, 2- they can have a yarn with other brewers while they're working and 3- the Shunter's Yard bore hole provides excellent water. Brewaucracy beers are not commonly available around the country although we suspect that may change once Beer Jerks have tried Bean Counter and take to the streets demanding increased production and distribution.


Another fantastic porter for another cold Winter's evening. Bean Counter is an excellent example of a classic English porter. The biscuit, chocolate and espresso notes from the malts pair wonderfully with the delicate vanilla addition. Don't worry Bean Counter doesn't taste like a vanilla milkshake, the pods has been used sparingly to compliment the other flavours in the beer. Overall it's a rather light beer which would go down well any time of year and we suspect it would be a good 'gateway' porter. We like it almost as much as Greig & Phil like puns. 

BREWERY // Brewaucracy
BEER // Bean Counter
STYLE // Porter
ORIGIN // Matangi, near Hamilton. New Zealand
ABV // 5%
IBU // 30
MALT // Maris Otter, Brown, Crystal (80 & 120 SRM), Torrefier Wheat, CaraPils, Toasted Oats
YEAST // Wyeast 1469
HOPS // NZ Goldings, Styrian Goldings, Southern Cross
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 8-12C
FOOD MATCH // Bacon wrapped dates w. cream cheese. Pumpkin Soup. Blackened fish.
GLASS // Dimpled Mug

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