Beer #23 - North End / Fieldway APA

Beer #23 - W/C 3 August 2015


For the past two and a half years, North End master brewer Kieran Haslett-Moore has been contract brewing at friends' breweries. Last month North End completed the construction of their 2400 litre brewery in Waikanae. They're also planning a brewpub / restaurant on the same site which happens to be down the road from the Tuatara brewery, making the Kapiti Coast a real destination for fans of good beer. Kieran has been a beer writer and competition judge for over a decade so he has a pretty good idea what he is doing. The other two North End partners were formerly a waiter and a chef and, as Kieran is a former cheesemonger, they are especially interested in food friendly beers with a gastronomic character. We've been impressed with the beers we've drank so far from this young brewery and eagerly await the next release from their 'Salt & Wood' barrel aging programme.


Field Way APA is named for the surf break of the same name. A lazy writer might compare this lip-smacking, refreshingly tart APA with white fluffy head to something to do with surfing but I won't. There are a lot of New Zealand breweries making good IPA's and APA's but we thought this one was a bit special. As you'd expect- it is a hop-forward beer but the medley of NZ hops give it a distinctly tropical flavour. The zesty citrus lemon, lime and marmalade flavours float above the light malt base. Absolutely delicious.

BREWERY // North End
BEER // Field Way
ORIGIN // Waikanae, Kapiti Coast. New Zealand
ABV // 5.8%
IBU // 50
MALT // NZ Pale Malt, British Caramalt
HOPS // Waimea, Pacifica, NZ Cascade, Wai Iti
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 8-12C
FOOD MATCH // Chilli Oil laced Pizza. Cajun Chicken. Thai Green Curry
GLASS // IPA Glass, Pilsner Glass

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