Beer #22 - Summer Wine Brewing Co / Teleporter

Beer #22 - W/C 27 July 2015


"Evolutionary beer from Yorkshire"

119 years ago the Yorkshire village of Holmfirth was a hotbed of creativity with a thriving movie industry centred around Bamforth & Co. In their 1899 film The Kiss in a Tunnel, they invented film editing. It's good to know that innovation is still at work in the picturesque village with Summer Wine cranking out lucid beers.
Summer Wine was founded in 2008 with a vision to put Yorkshire beers back on the map. Great beer has always come from Yorkshire but the Summer Wine team wanted to move away from the traditional way of doing things and brew beer they wanted to drink. In a few short years, they have taken a place as one of the most interesting breweries in Britain. Which isn't bad for a nation with which has well over 1,285 of them. They believe in creativity, passion and, above all, flavour.


Imagine standing in an espresso bar sniffing a chocolate selection box then somehow converting the aroma to liquid form and sticking it in a bottle. It would be sort of gross and we'd have no idea where to start anyway with all that state of matter business. Teleporter is brewed with TEN different malts, this rich, creamy porter has a lot going on- caramel, coffee, cocoa, toast, vanilla... The Bramling Cross hops are used to add bitterness and subtly compliment the hero malt flavours, rather than complete with them. Be sure to drink this one at 'cellar temperature' of around 10C.
These days "porter" and "stout" are used pretty much interchangeably and there is some interesting history in the styles. We won't go into it here because you probably want to be drinking beer, not reading about it on your phone. Also because this guy has written an excellent and succinct history and saved me the effort.

BREWERY // Summer Wine
BEER // Teleporter
STYLE // Porter
ORIGIN // Yorkshire, England
ABV // 5%
MALT // Too many this list
HOPS // Bramling Cross
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 8-12C
FOOD MATCH // Welsh Rarebit, Cajun Chicken, Chocolate Brownies
GLASS // Dimpled Mug

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