Beer #19 - Bloody 'Ell / Beavertown

 Beer #19 - W/C 6 July 2015


As a kid Logan Plant was dragged around many a pub beer garden by his ale-loving dad Robert (yes that Robert Plant) where he would tuck into a bag of crisps and become indoctrinated into the world of beer. In December 2011 he created Beavertown brewery in the kitchen of Duke's Brew & Que pub in De Beauvoir (AKA Beavertown), Hackney, London and, since then, drinkers simply cannot get enough of his beer. Inspiration comes from the best of the American craft beer scene but with a distinctly English twist and we are big fans. We seriously considered sending out 4 of their beers to Beer Jerk members for a 'month of Beavertown'. In the space of 2 years, Beavertown have scaled up twice and now brew 5,000 litres at a time. This week Beavertown are brewing a collaboration beerwith our very own Garage Project, we can't wait to try that one.

"With every sip I get a little sad because I know it's coming to an end" Keg to Differ

There are two certainties is brewing - one is that brewers will always find innovative ways to make interesting beer. The other is that we will never tire of puns in beer names. There is an infinite number of ways in which water, yeast, malt & hops can be combined to make beer and the addition of a 5th ingredient (such as blood oranges) means drinkers will never be bored. It's a bit like chess. Bit tastier.
Get your nose into the glass and enjoy the smell of this highly aromatic beer. The relatively light malt bill sets the stage for Amarillo & Citra hops to do their work with the blood orange zest and juice in a fresh and fruity IPA. Softly carbonated with an oily mouthfeel, Bloody 'Ell is dry but sweet and fruity but bitter. Above all- it is awfully more-ish. Which is a shame as they've run out of blood oranges so we'll have to wait until next year for more.

Do you taste pine needles or potpourri? Do you think beers with a 5th ingredient are sacrilege? 

BREWERY // Beavertown
BEER // Bloody 'Ell
ORIGIN // London, England
ABV // 7.2% 
IBU // 70
HOPS // Amarillo, Citra
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Duck Shanks. Crepes Suzette.
GLASS // Tulip, Fancy IPA Glass, 

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