Beer #20 - Old Peculier / Theakston

 Beer #20 - W/C 13 July 2015


“Legendary Ales”

In 1827 Robert Theakston established a brewery at the Black Bull pub in Masham, North Yorkshire. 188 years later and a 5th generation of Theakstons are still brewing excellent beer in Masham. If you find yourself in that part of the World, be sure to take a tour of the brewery (built in 1875). You might even get to meet Jonathan at the Cooperage who is the last apprenticed craft cooper (barrel maker) in England. 


The Old Peculier you're about to drink probably tastes pretty similar to the dark, strong Winter ale of the same name brewed by the Theakston brother's ancestor in the 1890's. This Old Ale is simultaneously simple and complex and it is exceptionally tasty- the perfect Winter beer. Predominant flavours are dark malt, sweet caramel and raisin. The banana flavour comes from the yeast. In a world of lagers and hoppy IPAs, Old Peculier is refreshingly different.

Do you taste chocolate or coffee? Black cherries or plums?

BREWERY // Theakston
BEER // Old Peculier
STYLE // Old Ale
ORIGIN // Yorkshire, England
ABV // 5.6%
HOPS // Fuggles
TEMPERATURE // Room Temp. around 18C
FOOD MATCH // Lamb Stew, Strong English Cheese, Pudding
GLASS // Pint Glass

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