Beer #18 - Juniper Pale Ale / Rogue

 Beer #18 - W/C 29 June 2015


"Just left of boredom and right of irresponsibility"

Rogue are a self styled revolutionary brewery that have a 'mission', a 'way' and a 'fundamental agreement'- check them out HERE. Since 1988, they have been producing remarkable beer in Oregon, USA and have more recently expanded to distilling spirits. They have never seen malt, hops, yeast and water as the end of the ingredient spectrum- incorporating hazelnuts, pumpkin, marioberries and purple corn nectar into their beers. They even have a range of doughnut inspired beers brewed in collaboration with their legendary Portland neighbours, Voodoo Doughnuts.


Juniper berries don't taste like other berries because they are not berries. They are actually a sort of fleshy pine cone. Which explains the fresh, clean, citrus, pine flavour of juniper. This is the traditional predominant flavour in gin. This floral, hoppy beer is infused with whole Juniper berries to give it a unique flavour. The sweet malt base and light carbonation work perfectly to support the dry resin-y flavour or the hop and juniper combo. Different but drinkable, we are fans.

Do you taste oranges or pine needles? Would you prefer a gin and tonic?  

BREWERY // Rogue
BEER // Juniper Pale Ale
STYLE // Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Oregon, USA
ABV // 5.2%
IBU // 34
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Turkey Sandwich. Vegetable Biryani. 
GLASS // Dimpled Mug, Stein, Shaker

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