Beer #75 - Magic Rock / Cannonball

Beer #75 - W/C 1 August 2016

BREWERY // In mid-2012 Richard Burhouse was running an online craft beer subscription club called MyBreweryTap when he decided to start Magic Rock Brewery. A year after brewing commenced, the club had been sold and the new brewery declared '2nd Best New Brewery in the World' on RateBeer. The Huddersfield brewery recently celebrated its 5th birthday having seen astonishing growth in those first years. Burhouse was inspired by the big, fresh, hop-forward American beers from the likes of Stone and they are exactly what they brew. Magic Rock are known for big IPA's but they seemingly can't go wrong whatever style they turn to. Their Bearded Lady Gran Marnier (a 10.5% chocolate orange Imperial Brown Stout) is heaven in a glass. Richard worked as a graphic designer for a decade before the Magic started which may explain the frankly awesome branding and can design. Magic Rock have brewed a collaborative beer with Wellington's Fork & Brewer as part of the Rainbow Project, we hope some kegs will make it to NZ.

TASTING NOTES // Cannonball is Magic Rock's hop-heavy flagship IPA and regarded by many as one of the finest IPA's around. This 'hop-bomb' is very much in the mould of the West Coast American beers which kicked off this whole craft beer thing. We'll leave you to decide what flavours you get from Cannonball, Ratebeer reviewers tasted "tropical fruits, mango, papaya, citrus, bitter oranges, orange, orange pith, grapefruit rind, grapefruit peel, pears, lemon, juniper, herbal bitterness, fruity bitterness, rusty bitterness, citrus hop bitterness, aromatic hops, skunky notes, earth, pine, resin, grassy, floral, dankness, light caramel, sweet caramel, sweet malts, cakey malts, toasted bready malts, butterscotch, saltiness, astringency, dry yeast, metallic traces, onion, celery and carrot". Hopefully you'll only pick a few of those flavours because experiencing all of them simultaneously would be one hot mess.

BREWERY // Magic Rock
BEER // Cannonball
ORIGIN // Huddersfield, Yorkshire
HOPS // Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, Columbus, Magnum, Simcoe
MALTS // Acidulated, Extra Pale, Golden Promise
ABV // 7.4%
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 10-14C
FOOD MATCH // Pork Belly. Spicy beetroot, kumara, kidney bean & ginger burger. Dolcelatte & caramelised onion tart w/ mango chutney. Orange & rosemary cake.
GLASS // IPA Glass, Tulip