Beer #74 - Mata / Fat Monk

Beer #74 - W/C 25 July 2016

BREWERY // In 2005 Tammy Viitakangas returned to NZ after a beer filled OE with a desire to start her own brewery. She set up in beautiful Kawerau and 11 years later Mata Beer is still going strong with the help of mum- Gloria, dad- Jouni and uncle Esko. Tammy's Maori & Finnish heritage occasionally surfaces in Mata's beers such as Taniwha which was is made with hangi-cooked kumara and the gloriousSahti inspired by the traditional Finnish drink made with juniper berries and rye malts.
Fat Monk is located in an old abbey in Hawkes Bay- hence the name. The small brewery was added to the existing family-run winery (Abbey Cellars) in 2013 and brewer Dermot Haworth has brewed a range of classic and experimental beers since. Dermot previously worked setting up data centres and we're glad he moved into beer.

TASTING NOTES // There is a lot going on in this beer- it is not only a collaboration between brewers but also between international beer styles and between hops and fruit. It is a very modern beer which it is hard to imagine existing in New Zealand even 6 or 7 years ago. White IPA contains wheat and oats as well as malts making for a full bodied, slightly sweet wheat beer. The Belgian yeast is noticeable in the delicate spicy esters with a touch of banana. There are lots of fresh, fruity, citrus hop flavours which compliment the juicy, tropical mango which is dominant in the long finish. With so much going on in one beer, there was huge potential for it to be a disaster. Instead Mata and Fat Monk have created a delicious and unique crisp beer.

BREWERY // Aotearoa Mata / Fat Monk
BEER // White IPA
ORIGIN // Hawkes Bay / Bay of Plenty
ABV // 6.6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 10-14C
FOOD MATCH // Kumara & Caramelised Onion Pizza. Thai Coconut Curry. Grilled Pineapple & Vanilla Ice Cream
GLASS // IPA Glass, Tulip