Beer #69 - Rogue / Santa's Private Reserve

Beer #69 - W/C 20 June 2016

BREWERY // "Just left of boredom and right of irresponsibility"

Rogue are a self styled revolutionary brewery that have a 'mission', a 'way' and a 'fundamental agreement'. Since 1988, they have been producing remarkable beer in Oregon, USA and have more recently expanded to distilling spirits. Like many a good brewery they started as a Brew Pub. They have never seen malt, hops, yeast and water as the end of the ingredient spectrum- incorporating hazelnuts, pumpkin, marioberries and purple corn nectar into their beers. They even have a range of doughnut inspired beers brewed in collaboration with their legendary Portland neighbours, Voodoo Doughnuts. They tell a pretty good story of their own journey on their site so head on over and take a look: Rogue

TASTING NOTES // So what is a Christmas (mid winter) beer? To be honest we don't rightly know ourselves, but perhaps it has something to do with Americans and their love for all things Christmas? Or more probably it was started by those pint sipping Druids to celebrate winter solstice. Indeed, European Monasteries brewed Prima Melior to celebrate the birth of Christ and Norwegian farmers where required to brew yule ale over Christmas for their workers or be expelled from their land. Whatever it's traditional origin we are sure lucky to have these most excellent seasonal beers to savour.
By all accounts Santa's Private Reserve is a relatively mild example of the 'Holiday Beer' in that it doesnt contain a whole heap of 'other' ingredients and spices. It's simply a very good, well balanced Amber Ale, with a picture of Saint Nick wacked on the label. Having said that though there is certainly a nice pine cone aroma and flavour to it which we suppose is relevant. Average carbonation and pours a copper colour, with a finger of foamy off-white head. A citrus and piney aroma with a hefty, yet balance caramel malt base. Medium bodied with a bitter earthy, caramel, toffee finish. We think its marvelous. May be a bit lively upon opening so take care.

BREWERY // Rogue
BEER // Santa's Private Reserve
STYLE // Amber Ale
ORIGIN // Oregon, USA
ABV // 5%
MALTS // 2 Row, Munich, C15, C40, C75 and Rogue Farms Dare™ & Risk™
HOPS // Rogue Farms Newport, Rebel & Freedom
YEAST // Free Range Coastal Water and Pacman
FOOD MATCH // Glazed Ham, Roast Suckling Pig, Beef, Hearty soup, Burrito, Cheddar Cheese, anything with a bit of spice, Banana Loaf
GLASS // Tulip, Pint
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