Beer #68 - Brave / Eastern Glow

Beer #68 - W/C 13 June 2016

BREWERY // Be Brave, be different, do something scary, do something fun. These are some of the reasons Matt gives for taking the plunge into the commercial brewing scene. We're certainly glad he did. Restless during 3 years studying Politics and Sociology Matt decided he needed to do something "with his hands". He discovered the diversity, complexity and overall fun inherent in great beer whilst travelling through the United States.
Like many of us who are newly baptized into this crafty beer world, he took to home brewing in a big way. Unlike most of us, however, he managed to win the Champion Brewer award at the 2013 SOBA New Zealand National Homebrew Competition. Lucky him.
Brave Brewing Company is a small artisan brewery based in a humble back shed in Hawke’s Bay comprised of Matt and his wife Gemma. Their mission is to "brew interesting and flavourful beer, inspired by both old world brewing traditions, and the modern craft beer movement". They brew in small 300L batch sizes, which ensure they can turn beers around quickly and can experiment more freely.

TASTING NOTES // Winner of the Brothers Beer Session Beer Challenge, Eastern Glow is a limited release beer. You can tell by it's black label, as all Brave's limited release beers are labelled in this fashion. As an aside, I've just ducked into my personal stockroom (that's right team, personal stockroom of beer) and fished out Eastern Glow to quench my thirst. Ah, so good. Pours a light bronze colour and you get an alluring floral, hoppy aroma straight away after popping the cap. Surprisingly higher carbonation than expected with a good head on the pour. Certainly a more hop forward session ale which finishes bitter with a subtle malt character underneath. Richer in body than your average session ale. Eastern Glow is unfiltered so go easy on the pour.

BREWERY // Brave Brewing Company
BEER // Eastern Glow
STYLE // Session Ale
ORIGIN // Hawke's Bay
ABV // 4.3%
FOOD MATCH // Salted nuts, Madras curry, Burgers, Thai curry, Ceaser Salad, Seafood, Carrot Cake
GLASS // Nonic, Pint, Pilsner Glass
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