Beer #355 - Shining Peak / Octopus Clamp

Beer #355 - W/C 6 December 2021

BREWERY // Shining Peak take their name from the rainforest shrouded and often snowcapped volcano, Mt Taranaki, that looms over their brewery. They opened a couple of years ago as New Plymouth's first brewpub in a building that was previously home to a second hand washing machine shop. From the outset they were picking up awards thanks to head brewer Jesse Sigurdsson's fastidious approach. A founding principle of the brewpub is the 5% Project which sees Shining Peak donate 5% of beer revenue from their venues to local charities each month. Their commitment to the local community goes beyond just cranking out great beer & food, and supporting charities - they're also proud sponsors of the regional rugby team, the rear of whose shorts you'll see emblazoned with the Shining Peak logo.

BEER // I really love a good dark lager (aka Schwarzbier) as it's truly a beer for all seasons. The style is characterised by having a soft light body with interesting malt character with a medium hop bitterness. Octopus Clamp is an exemplary example winning multiple awards, not least the trophy for best in class at the 2019 Brewers Guild Awards. Like all Shining Peak beers, the name is rooted in Taranaki lore coming from the signature move of New Zealand's most popular wrestler from the 1930s and 40s. This classic dark lager has delicious roast espresso, cacao and toffee notes. The traditional noble hops used in German versions have been swapped out for NZ Pacific Jade (which is related to Saaz) to give the beer a little peppery spice and citrus character. Pairs very well with food.

BREWERY // Shining Peak
BEER // Octopus Clamp
STYLE // Dark Lager
ORIGIN // Taranaki
ABV // 5.4%
FOOD MATCH // Mushroom Strudel. Schnitzel & Potato Salad. Dark Chocolate.
VESSEL // Lager Glass