Beer #354 - Weihenstephan / Hefeweissbier

Beer #354 - W/C 29 November 2021

BREWERY // You don't get to be the oldest brewery in the world without learning a thing or two along the way. It all began in the year 725 when Saint Corbinian founded of a monastery on a hill. Hop gardens were tended to and beer was brewed to sustain the devout monks. Brewing cranked up in 1040 when Abbot Arnold obtained a licence to brew and sell beer upon Weihenstephan Hill. Brewing was sporadically interrupted over the following centuries as the monastery was destroyed by fire (4 times), a great earthquake, invasions by Hungarians, Swedes, French, Austrians as well as being depopulated by various famines and plagues (3 of those). Brewing paused for a moment in 1803 when Weihenstephan Monastery was dissolved with the stroke of a pen in the course of secularisation. Fortunately the canny royals at Schleissheim transferred the brewery into state hands. The brewery is still owned by the Bavarian state and over the past couple of centuries also became a brewing school. Today Weihenstephan is one of the most modern and acclaimed breweries on earth with their graduate brewmasters sharing their knowledge the world over.

BEER // It will come as no surprise whatsoever to learn that this is the highest rated Hefeweizen in the world. I'm not sure who hurt Kiwis with bad wheat beer in the past but it really is time we all got over it and gave the style another chance because there is so much enjoyment to be had in a tall aromatic glass of Hefeweizen with a big fluffy head. The gorgeous banana and clove aroma here is thanks to the yeast strain which produces esters and phenols and emphasised by the lingering cumulous head. The satisfyingly smooth full body is due to all the wheat in the maltbill. There's low bitterness with bready, breakfast cereal flavours, some sweet honey notes and a light touch of spice. It's a true masterclass in balance and it's fun to pair this Hefeweissbier with all kinds of foods.

BREWERY // Weihenstephan
BEER // Hefeweissbier
STYLE // Wheat Beer
ORIGIN // Bavaria, Germany
ABV // 5.4%
FOOD MATCH // Obazda (a Bavarian cheese spread) + Pretzels. Smoked Cheddar. Lobster Rolls
VESSEL // Wheat Beer Glass