Beer #289 - Whistling Sisters / Oatmeal Stout

Beer #289 - W/C 31 August 2020

BREWERY // Russel & Elwyn Scott have been stalwarts of the Wellington hospitality industry since the 1980’s when they created The Backbencher pub (along with Wellington’s most fun political party). Whistling Sisters opened a couple of years ago, inspiration for the brewery (and name) came from their daughter Karen Louisa who passed away from breast cancer in 2015. That year, they established The Karen Louisa Foundation to support research into advanced breast cancer. The Foundation is managed by their younger daughter, Lisa, who also runs Whistling Sisters marketing. 20 cents from every bottle goes to the Foundation and they are looking at ways to scale that contribution as the brewery grows. The Scott’s partner is Bede Roe who had spent many years at Lion Nathan where he witnessed first hand the changing tastes moving away from bland, soulless macro beer toward more refined and flavoursome brews. The best place to drink Whistling Sisters beers is in their Wellington brewpub where interesting and experimental food is as important as the beer. A range of fermented and fusion gastronomic creations perfectly paired to your pint is always available.

BEER // Oats have been used to brew beer for centuries. The cereal has long been a staple in the Northern climes of England and Scotland where various grains were used in brewing before barley became the predominant one. Oatmeal Stouts came back into fashion in the early 1900s as drinkers appreciated the slight sweetness and complexity that oatmeal added to their pint. Most of all though the oaty adjunct made for a full bodied beer, the gelatinous proteins in oatmeal give beer a silky mouthfeel which is perfect for Winter drinking. Whistling Sisters used no fewer than nine varieties of malted barley which make themselves known in this beer packed with biscuity, toffee, cacao, roasty, espresso notes. 

BREWERY // Whistling Sisters
BEER // Oatmeal Stout
ORIGIN // Wellington
ABV //  4.9%
TEMPERATURE // Cellar Temp. 7-11 C
FOOD MATCH // Winter stew. Potted crab. Chocolate tart with lavender creme. Nutty cheese.
VESSEL // Nonic Pint, Dimpled Mug