Beer #288 - Beerbliotek & Deep Creek / World Grinds To A Halt

Beer #288 - W/C 24 August 2020

BREWERIES // BEERBLIOTEK. In 2012 four friends from different parts of the world - Adam (Australia), Richard (New Zealand), Darryl (South Africa) & Anders (Sweden) - decided to start a brewery in Gothenburg. Their name is derived from the Latin word Bibliotheca and creating a 'library of beers' is at the heart of what they do. They decided to create a wide variety of new beers with few repeat brews and many one offs. The craft beer boom means that Gothenburg is now filled with awesome independent craft breweries. Next time you're in Sweden be sure to visit the Beerbliotek taproom, we have it on good authority it's a real good time.
DEEP CREEK. The New Zealand beer landscape looked pretty different back in 2011 but old school friends Paul & Jarred had a plan for success. They chucked in their jobs and started a brewpub with hospitality expert Scott in the heartland of beer-loving British ex-pats - Auckland's Brown's Bay. After closing the pub each night at midnight, they would work through the night to brew more beer. After just a few months, they reached capacity and started looking for a dedicated off-site brewery space which is when they tempted an extremely talented brewer, Hamish, to leave his day job as a genetic research scientist and head up the brewery. Their success over the past few years has been huge and they keep racking up awards. 

BEER // Scott from Deep Creek first met Beerbliotek's Adam at the accurately named MateFest last year at Moon Dog World. When the Kiwi Beerbliotek-er, Richard, was in NZ earlier this year he made plans for a brew with Deep Creek. Of course the coronavirus put paid to that plan and Adam had to high tail it home to Sweden before the borders closed just a day before their scheduled brew date. Fortunately their collaboration was already well underway with a recipe written and lingonberries had already been airfreighted from Europe. Remote collaboration is something we have all become experts at and the nature of this brew made the concept for a name and label art obvious. The Lingonberry is native to Arctic tundra and Northern boreal forests and is a very popular with Swedes consuming large volumes. The flavour is tart and sweet, a little like a hybrid of a cranberry, a redcurrant and a raspberry. This kettle soured beer is rather delicate and very well balanced. A perfect beer to pair with food and video call with distant friends.

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BREWERY // Beerbliotek + Deep Creek
BEER // How are we supposed to collaborate if the world grinds to a halt?
STYLE // Lingonberry Sour
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV //  4.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-9 C
FOOD MATCH // Raggmunk (potato pancakes). Meatballs. Fried Herring.
VESSEL // Goblet