Beer #249 - Eddyline / Trail Carver

Beer #249 - W/C 2 December 2019


BREWERY // In the mid 90's Nic & Molly Heynekamp were kayaking in Colorado when inspiration struck to open a brewpub. As you cross the eddyline of a fast moving river to sheltered waters you can take a break as the river rushes past. Which is a little like sitting in a pub while the world passes by. They opened a brewpub in New Mexico in 1999 then opened Eddyline Brewery in Colorado in 2009. As lovers of beer and adventure, Nic & Molly moved to Nelson 5 years ago where they quickly embraced the local opportunities provided by mountains, forests, ocean and hop farms. Nelson is bursting with hop gardens and Eddyline work closely with local hop growers trialling new varieties. After a few years of experimenting with different releases and listening to customers they scaled up this year and started canning. Pay a visit to their brewpub this summer for some great beers, pizza and pointers on where to ride, kayak and surf.

BEER // Pale Ales were first made in England around 1700 when coke (rather than wood) started to to be used for malting barley resulting in paler beers. Around 1980 brewers in California took inspiration from this fruity, bitter beer style and amplified it to make a whole new beer - American Pale Ale. APAs employ new world hops and a cleaner yeast profile than their English forebears. Trail Carver is brewed with US Amarillo, Simcoe and Mosaic hops as well as a new variety - Idaho 7. Unlike many of the beers we select as Beer Of The Week, this is a beer that would be enjoyable to drink several of in a sitting.It is quite beautifully balanced with a lot of nuances, we reckon it would take an extremely long time to get bored of. It is best drunk in the dappled sunshine of a forest after a ride.

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BREWERY // Eddyline
BEER // Trail Carver
STYLES // American Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Nelson
ABV //  5.1%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 10 - 13C
FOOD MATCH // Sopa De Lima (Mexican Lime Soup). Cheese on toast with chutney. Lemon pepper chicken.
GLASS // IPA Glass. Tulip. From the can (only if you're on the trail)