Beer #248 - Urbanaut / Beer Blender

Beer #248 - W/C 25 November 2019

BREWERY // Urbanaut are Bruce, Simon and Thomas who became friends during their days at Rangitikei College. Brewer Bruce honed his craft working with legendary breweries Fullers and Meantime in London before working as a brewery consultant upon his return to New Zealand. Simon and Thomas previously ran a property development company and their combined skills came in handy when converting an old warehouse building into a sparkling Kingsland brewery & taproom at the start of the Auckland Beer Mile. They only opened their doors two and a half years ago but their beautifully crafted beers and good vibes quickly won their way into the hearts of the beer community and their beers can be found across the country.

BEER // There is a long history of blending beers. Brewers of barrel aged, wild fermented beers will often combine different beers to result in their desired flavour profile. English drinkers in the 17th Century might order a Three Threads and a Mother-In-Law (50% Old Ale & 50% Bitter) was a popular drink in the 1950s. It's almost more surprising that nobody had the same inspired idea as Urbanaut to brew beers specifically crafted to work alone or blended together in a single package. The Szechuan Kolsch takes a clean, refreshing style and adds the unique flavour of Szechuan Pepper for a smooth, lemony beer with a touch of pepper spice. To the uninitiated, Kolsch is reminiscent of a lager. While the style is lagered (finished at a cold temperature), it is made with a top fermenting ale yeast making it fruitier but still as fresh and session-able as it's bottom fermented cousin. The Yuzu Sour is a kettle soured beer with the addition of uniquely flavoured Yuzu which is a type of citrus fruit popular in Japanese cuisine for its lemon/grapefruit aroma and flavour. It's a bit like a tart, sharp, tangy adult lemonade. Try the beers alone and experiment with blending different ratios to find your sweet spot.

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BREWERY // Urbanaut
BEER // Szechuan Kolsch & Yuzu Super Sour
STYLES // Kolsch & Kettle Sour
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 4% & 5%
TEMPERATURE // Straight from the Fridge
FOOD MATCH // Ginger, citrus and black sesame carrots with edamame and avocado. Fries with basil and milk chocolate. Slow cooked salmon with spiced pickled cucumber and herb crème fraîche. Cherry Bakewell Tart.
GLASS // 3x Wine Glasses. Laboratory Beakers