Beer #217 - Kainui / Hell Hole

Beer #217 - W/C 22 April 2019

BREWERY // Gary Henwood is a curious brewer. He is fascinated by physics, chemistry and biology which all come into play when crafting beer. Following years of home brewing, he spent a lot of time planning and building his small brewery in Kainui. It has two mash tuns and two kettles, enabling him to run simultaneous brews with room for a lot of experimentation. For Gary, brewing is a way to travel through time and space as he takes inspiration from historic and international styles. Kainui beers had been somewhat of a Northland secret until their Porter won Gold at the New World Beer & Cider Awards last year. Their varied and immaculately executed beers will become more available nationwide this year but the best place to drink them is in Kainui. Throughout the Summer, there are regular concerts and events at Kainui Road where there is also a small cafe.

BEER // This is no regular IPA. Is does contain a heavy dose of tropical hops but they aren't the hero. The deep red malt is the foundation of the beer and gives it a biscuity, toffee sweetness and medium body. Then there are hints of manuka smoke, wood bourbon barrels and a touch of sea salt. It's a complex and quite wonderful beer which takes inspiration from local history. In the 1830's, nearby Kororareka (Russell) was thriving due to the huge whaling trade. A harbour packed with ships filled with men with bulging pockets meant that the trade in alcohol, prostitutes and muskets also thrived. The moniker 'Hell Hole of the Pacific' was probably well deserved.

BREWERY // Kainui
BEER // Hell Hole
ORIGIN // Kainui
ABV // 6.6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 45 minutes out of the fridge.
FOOD MATCH // Mulligatawny Soup. Beef Stew & Dumplings. Champ. Date & Nut Tart.
GLASS // Goblet. Pewter Tankard