Beer #216 - Vocation / Smash & Grab

Beer #216 - W/C 15 April 2019


BREWERY // The Vocation team put their heart and soul into every beer that is released from their brewery on a hilltop in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. After years of working in IT, founder John Hickling wanted to 'create something more than spreadsheets' and landed upon his true vocation in brewing. They have a focus on hop-forward American influenced unfiltered beers. Recently they've been steadily releasing a stream of collaborations with other breweries. The location in the 'greatest town in Europe' set among the dramatic moors was an obvious option for John who had previously lived nearby. Next time you're in Hebden Bridge or Leeds, be sure to stop into one of their bars.

BEER // The Double (or Imperial) IPA is a relatively new style born in America to sate the never ending appetite for hops. The big malt backbone and increased alcohol supports and balances huge amounts of hop aroma, flavour and bitterness. Smash & Grab is a big in-your-face hop-splosion of juicy tropical resinous deliciousness. There is nothing subtle about this American style DIPA. Heaps of juicy, dank hops bring to mind papaya, grapefruit, pineapple and pine in aroma and flavour. The malt provides a sweet, smooth, sticky, caramel foil with plenty of body. It is also very quaffable for an 8.5% beer...

BREWERY // Vocation
BEER // Smash & Grab
STYLE // Double IPA
ORIGIN // Yorkshire
ABV // 8.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 30 minutes out of the fridge. 
FOOD MATCH // Chicken satay. Spicy beetroot, kumara, kidney bean & ginger burger. Carrot & coriander soup. Sticky stem ginger cake.
GLASS // IPA Glass. Shaker