Beer #205 - Nomad / Rosie's Raspberry Sour

Beer #205 - W/C 28 January 2019

BREWERY // Years ago, a triumvirate of beer experts came together in Northern Italy and made plans to open a new kind of brewery in Australia. Leonardo Di Vincenzo is the founder of Birra del Borgo (top 100 rated global brewery) and Kerrie & Johnny Latta import beers from around the world to Australia. They persuaded Brooks Carretta, Leonardo's brewing protege, to move from the mountains of Lazio to the beaches of Brookvale, Sydney. Brooks had two conditions "To never be restricted by fashions and trends and to use Australia’s amazing native ingredients". That was in early 2014 and since then we've seen beers made with Wattle Seeds, Lilly Pilly Fruit, Hibiscus Rosella and others aged in grappa barrels. Nomad have collaborated with breweries including Beavertown, Cigar City, Jester King and Stone. Be sure to stop by the brewery for a beer in the Transit Lounge bar next time you're in Sydney.

BEER // The Nomad team are all about re-imagining historic European styles with their own twist. The original 'Rosie' was a Berliner Weisse with Australian native Hibiscus Rosella. This Raspberry version embraces the sweet, fruity berry zing which pairs with the tartness of the beer. Berliner Weisse is one of the World's classic, historic beer styles which was allegedly dubbed the 'Champagne of the North' by Napoleon's troops when they rolled into Germany. Lactic acid is used during the brew to kettle sour the beer and give it an extremely refreshing bite. The modest abv of these wheat beers make for excellent beer garden refreshment too. Traditionally Berliner Weisse was served in large bowl shaped glasses, often with a 'Schuss' - a shot of raspberry or woodruff syrup. Farm fresh Australian raspberries were added to this tart, summery brew to save you the effort of adding your own Schuss.

BREWERY // Nomad
BEER // Rosie's Raspberry
STYLE // Berliner Weisse
ORIGIN // Brookvale, Sydney
ABV // 3.8%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 8-10C
FOOD MATCH // Chips. White Fish. Tempura. Vanilla Cheesecake.
GLASS // Chalice