Beer #183 - Urbanaut / Copacabana

Beer #183 - W/C 27 August 2018

BREWERY // Urbanaut are Bruce, Simon and Thomas who became friends during their days at Rangitikei College. Brewer Bruce honed his craft working with legendary breweries Fullers and Meantime in London before working as a brewery consultant upon his return to New Zealand. Simon and Thomas previously ran a property development company and their combined skills came in handy when converting an old warehouse building into a sparkling Kingsland brewery & taproom. The guys recently celebrated their 1st birthday with the release of a brand new IPA.

BEER // Urbanaut first brewed Copacabana to celebrate their first birthday. Brut IPAs are the hottest style right now (forget what I was saying about Milkshake IPAs a couple of weeks ago) which emerged very recently from Northern California. It takes it's name from the wine world where Brut signifies a very dry Champagne. Key to the style is the enzyme amylogucosidase which breaks down complex, non fermentable sugars. This results in the yeast having a little more sugar to ferment into alcohol and the resultant beer being bone dry with no residual sweetness. Copacabana is light bodied and effervescent (reminiscent of Champagne) with huge fruit aroma and flavour from the generous hopping. We tasted apricot, mango, melon, lemon, flowers, guava... It's an extremely more-ish beer. We believe the expression is 'smashable' but at 7.1%, your Friday morning self will be grateful we only sent you one can.

Click through the video below to hear Bruce talking about brewing Copacabana:

BREWERY // Urbanaut
BEER // Copacabana

ABV // 7.1%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7 - 11 C
FOOD MATCH // Foie Gras. Calamari. Mackerel. Paprika Crisps. Shortbread.
GLASS // IPA Glass. Shaker.