Beer #181 - Three Weavers / Seafarer

Beer #181 - W/C 13 August 2018

BREWERY // Three Weavers became the first craft brewery in Inglewood (California) in 2013 and their Kickstarter campaign the following year helped them set up an awesome, community focussed tasting room. Promoting a positive sense of community was the cornerstone to why Lynne Weaver founded the brewery. They sponsor non-profit organisations and support local artists. In just a few years, Three Weavers (named for Lynne's 3 daughters) has become one of the largest independent breweries in the region and brewmaster Alexandra Nowell's beers have garnered medals at the Great American Beer Festival, Beer World Cup and others.

BEER // The name Kölsch was first coined 100 years ago to describe the bright, light Cologne (Köln) beer style. More than forty breweries operated in the city at the outbreak of World War II but only three remained after the devastation wreaked by Allied bombing campaigns. In 1986 local brewers came together to sign the Kölsch Konvention stating that the name is regionally protected with all signatories agreeing to exclusively serve the beer in 200ml Stange glasses. Kölsch is a demanding style to brew and is also very overlooked by craft beer fans. To the uninitiated, it is reminiscent of a lager. While the style is lagered (finished at a cold temperature), it is made with a top fermenting ale yeast making it fruitier but still as gleamingly fresh as it's bottom fermented cousin. It's a subtle and delicate difference and takes us back to a time before hop bombs and mouth-puckering sours. This example from Three Weavers is super crisp and lively with grassy, lemon notes from the noble hop varieties (Hallertau Tradition & Opal) used.

BREWERY // Three Weavers
BEER // Seafarer
Kölsch Style

ABV // 4.8%
Cold. 4-7 C

FOOD MATCH // Boiled Pork Knuckle. Bratwurst. Black Pudding, Fried Onions & Mashed Potato. Pizza.
GLASS // Stange