Beer #179 - Weezledog / Raspberry Fool

Beer #179 - W/C 30 July 2018

BREWERY // Weezledog is Mark Jackman with help from his wife Marie (accounts) and daughter Ruby (moral support). Although he moved to New Zealand when he was just 10 years old, Mark's Yorkshire accent is as strong as ever and he has a real affinity for creating amped up versions of classic English styles. Like most brewers, he began as an enthusiastic home-brewer and, wonderfully, Mark shares the recipes for each beer in the range online. He made his first beers after his father-in-law gifted him a home brew kit and quickly became enthusiastically involved in the Auckland beer community, creating a beer blog and becoming president of the Auckland Homebrewers Club. In 2014 Weezledog was officially born in West Auckland where Mark also moonlights as the head brewer for Black Sands. In case you were wondering, Weezledog is actually's Mark's pet name for Marie.

BEER // Milkshake IPAs are so hot right now. The invention is credited to Omnipollo a couple of years ago and the style has been quickly taken up and interpreted by breweries across the world. The style is an extreme take on the New England IPA, which has low bitterness, aromatic hops and a soft, full mouthfeel. Milkshakes generally have even more wheat and oats to make for a thicker viscosity as well as some vanilla which gives the effect of sweetness and lactose for actual sweetness. Lactose is a type of sugar which is not fermented by beer yeast so the sweetness remains in the final beer. Weezledog whacked in a huge amount of raspberries to make Raspberry Fool. Although this is sweeter the your average IPA, it's no dessert beer. There is a good dose of juicy NZ & US hops which come through as pine and tropical fruit flavours. If you'd like to brew yourself another 19L, just follow Mark's recipe below.


BREWERY // Weezledog
BEER // Raspberry Fool
STYLE // Milkshake IPA
West Auckland
ABV // 5.8%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 30mins out of the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Patatas Bravas. Waffles. Raspberry Vanilla Buttercream Cake. 

GLASS // IPA Glass. Knickerbocker Glory Glass